Artwork of Christopher Alexander ARE ARCA


The Book

Christopher Alexander ARE ARCA
Drawings and oil sketches by a modern Kentish master


This informative and beautifully-illustrated book of Christopher Alexander’s work
is now available from booksellers (ISBN: 978-1906690465)

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The book is now on sale at the Turner Contemporary Shop, Margate.

Another Book

Thanet-based writer Richard Lewis, who has written thoughtful and informative articles about Christopher Alexander for the local press, has recently published a book which includes a chapter on the artist. The title is ‘Discovering more artistic Thanet: The island’s artistic and literary byways further explored’. See Richard’s website (www.  for more information.

To read Richard’s article in the Isle of Thanet Gazette (May 20th, 2015), go to’ Christopher Alexander’ and to read his and two more very appreciative reviews of the exhibition held last summer at the Turner Contemporary, go to ‘ Christopher Alexander reviews’.



‘This beautiful book is an affectionate tribute from an artist son to the memory of his artist father. With a career spanning four decades until his premature death in 1982, Christopher Alexander was a rare kind of artist. Unaffiliated to any of the ‘isms’ of his day, he honed his natural gifts to the point at which he could confidently translate into art the joy he took in the world around him. A mastery of draughtsmanship forms the foundation of his craft, augmented by a sense of colour ranging from perfectly-pitched tonal studies to forays into higher keys that border on Fauvism. The result is a body of drawings and paintings that journey from calm magisterial deliberations to white-hot notations where everything is sacrificed to capture the moment. If you simply like superb art there is much to enjoy. If you aspire to creating it yourself this book will send you back to your easel with a renewed sense of purpose’.

Philip Moloney
Published in ‘The Artist’ magazine (May 2013), p. 57


Book Review in Kent Libraries Online Catalogue (10 star) copy
from Kent Libraries Online Catalogue



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