Artwork of Christopher Alexander ARE ARCA


SUMMER 2015: Christopher Alexander exhibition at the Turner Contemporary, Margate, Kent.

Last summer the exhibition of Christopher Alexander’s work at the Turner Contemporary in Margate, which ran from June 30th until September 6th, was a resounding success, and the gallery space devoted to his remarkable drawings and paintings was busy every day. Many visitors, and not only those who live locally, expressed the wish to see more of his work, and so we hope that another (perhaps larger) show will be arranged in the near future. Steven Alexander, one of the artist’s five sons, will be giving further illustrated talks on his father’s enormous oeuvre (consisting of over 4000 drawings and paintings) in 2016, so watch this space.


A previous exhibition was held in Carshalton

20 APRIL 2013 – 5 MAY 2013 at the Mine Gallery in Carshalton

below is a selection of photographs of the 2013 Carshalton show. Click to enlarge’